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Choosing the right home sauna involves careful consideration of various factors to ensure that it aligns with your preferences and lifestyle. Here are some essential criteria to weigh when purchasing a traditional home sauna :

What are the factors to be considered before buying a home sauna ?

  • Dimensions : Consider the available space in your home and how many persons should fit in the cabin depending on their use (lounges or seats) to define the size of the cabin (sauna for 2 persons / sauna for 3 persons).
  • Materials and Construction : Assess the materials used in the sauna’s construction – look at the thermal insulation as well as the woods used for the inside and/or outside casing of the cabin (Epicéa, Alder, Aspen).
  • Heating source : Traditional dry saunas use heated rocks and heating element in a heater which can be whether visible or hidden behind the bench. Users looking for the experience of humid air in addition to traditional dry heat can combine both through a single cabin using the Tepidarium function which is close to the hammam. SPA ONE, as a home sauna installer on the French Riviera, will make sure the heater power is consistent with the size of the cabin to ensure a quick temperature increase.

Essential considerations for purchasing a home sauna

  • Energy Efficiency:  Look for models with strong insulation and energy-efficient heating elements to minimize operational costs, lower the time of heat and reduce environmental impact.
  • Budget : Define a realistic budget considering the initial cost of the sauna along with it operational cost notably the energy consumption.
  • Advice : In the pursuit of buying a home sauna, carefully consider the online reviews, ask for references to your relatives or professionals to learn more about clients satisfaction. Come to visit us in the showroom in La Colle sur Loup to get customized advice, discuss the maintenance, a proper fit in dedicated space as well as technical considerations for the installation of a home sauna.
  • Installation and maintenance : As repair specialist of saunas and hammams, SPA ONE offers « ready-to-use » cabins so that you no longer have to think about their installation and maintenance.

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