After-sales service

After-sales service

Care & maintenance

Your spa requires regular maintenance which can also be automated depending on the type of spa. Water treatment and the cleaning of technical parts are essential for extending the life of your spa.

Clean pure water

Water quality is ensured byfiltration, disinfection and balancing the water. The water should be clear, bacteria-free and have a neutral PH. We offer a full line of water treatment products.

Cleaning the Spa

The spa shell, especially if used frequently, and the technical components (cartridge, filter, etc.) require thorough cleaning. We offer cleaning kits, including nets, brushes and products.

Finally, if your spa isn’t used in winter, the shell must be emptied, either completely or partially. Your wellness equipment must be disconnected and hermetically sealed until its next use.

SPA ONE can handle the cleaning, maintenance, draining, winterizing and de-winterizing of your Spa. For more information, contact our team at

Annual maintenance plan

SPA ONE offers maintenance plans for your spa, fitness spa or swim spa which includes a check of its:

  • Plumbing,
  • Power supply and electronic components,
  • Waterproofing,
  • Safety,
  • Overall condition (water jets, body, pumps, etc.)

This package includes all labor and travel. Replacement of parts after the expiration of the manufacturer’s warranty as well as products used will result in additional charges.

For all after-sales service requests, please provide us with your spa’s serial number (the label will be located in a bottom corner, next to a drain plug).

Manufacturer warranties

Canadian Spa International’s manufacturer’s warranty covers all spa components, parts and labor :

  • Ultralife Shell: 10 years (Bay, Reflections, @Home) – 5 years (Duratex Fitness)
  • Color Shell: 7 years (Bay, Reflections) – 5 years (@Home)
  • Terracina Cabinet: 2 years (Bay, Reflections, @Home, Fitness)
  • Envirotect Cabinet: 5 years (Bay, Reflections) – 2 years (@Home)
  • Plumbing: 5 years (Bay, Reflections) – 2 years (@Home)
  • Parts: 5 years (Bay, Reflections) – 3 years (Fitness) – 2 years (@Home)
  • Cover: 3 years (Bay, Reflections, @Home, Fitness)

Röger Klafs’ manufacturer’s warranty covers all sauna components, parts and labor. Klafs guarantees saunas for five years and offers a two-year warranty for heaters and controls.

B-Intense’s manufacturer’s warranty covers all infrared cabin components, parts and labor for a period of one year.

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