Spa One

Spa One

Listening, advice and expertise in hydrotherapy.

Before investing in a spa, sauna or infrared cabin, defining your needs is essential. This information gathering phase helps to ensure that your installation will be successful.

Do you want a spa for sharing fun and relaxing times with family or friends ? Do you want :

  • an indoor or outdoor spa ?
  • an above-ground, in-ground, or overflow spa ?
  • a fitness spa, swim spa, or multi-purpose spa ?
  • a sauna or tropical bath ?
  • an infrared cabin ?
  • What type of space do you have ?
  • How many people are you looking to accommodate ?
  • Who will be using it – smaller or larger people ?

SPA ONE will guide you through out your entire project. By listening and applying our experience, our team can recommend the best solution, all in complete transparency.

A free demo to help you decide!

Spas have numerous health benefitspain reduction, stress reduction, improved sleep, recovery from muscle fatigue, cellulite reduction, etc.

The word “spa”(in Latin : Sanitas Per Aquam) literally means “good health through water” and contributes to your well-being. Are you hesitating between getting back in shape with a intensive hydrotherapy or do you prefer working out? SPA ONE offers demos in our dedicated center. In complete privacy and within an actual setting, you can confirm your choice based on your budget, your setting and your wishes.

Your satisfaction is our greatest reward!

Do you dream of moments of relaxation and well-being in a spa or sauna?
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