Have a spa at home

Are you a fan of the special moments of relaxation and well-being that a spa can offer ? The spa is definitely beneficial to health: among other things, it promotes blood circulation, soothes tensions and tones the skin. Why not have one installed at your home ? How about having a beautiful apartment spa ? Whether indoors or outdoors, with a spa at home, you can finally enjoy all its benefits without having to go to a balneotherapy center !

Your home spa : indoor or outdoor ?

Indoor spas have an interesting advantage: they can be used at any time, regardless of the weather. Many of these spas are located under a veranda or at the level of a development made in extension of the house and which is specifically intended for them. Very often, such extensions allow to enjoy a view of the garden, but also the beauty of sunny days, through windows.

But you may prefer a spa outside. This will be the case if you are anxious to bring your garden a little more, what a spa will necessarily be very useful. It should not be forgotten that the outdoor spa is suitable for all kinds of materials (stone, wood, concrete, etc.). In addition, all types of spas (swim spas, built-in spas, portable spas, etc.) can be installed outdoors with great ease and without the need for an additional ventilation system.

Find the SPA ONE testimonial and some examples of integration of DIMENSION ONE SPAS spas in the Architecture, Decoration & Art of Living DOLCE DESIGN magazine of September 2016.

SPA ONE is recommended to you

Whether it’s an apartment spa, a fitness spa, a relaxation spa or a swim spa, you can rely on SPA ONE. Our company, whose reliability in installing spa and sauna is recognized throughout the Côte d’Azur has for her two good decades of experience. We offer quality products and a number of services no less satisfactory (showroom tests, after-sales service, delivery, etc.). Do not hesitate: let us bring you the very best in terms of well-being !

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