Select Line 1 Infrared cabin

Infrared Cabin « Select Line 1 »
by B-Intense®

The particularly successful design of this single-seater cabin comes in Glossy White, Gloss Black, Amazon Oak, Colorado Maple or Sand Oak.

Very comfortable, the Select Line 1 ensures a balanced infrared radiation and optimized for a regular and homogeneous distribution of heat in the body.

B-Intense Select Line 1


1 people

120 x 86 x 200 cm (L x W x H)

1150 Watts - 230 Volts

AIR cube, padded, covered with high quality synthetic leather.

Infrared lamp
Dorsal and frontal, individually controlled. Adjustable headlamp.

Control panel
B-control control system with digital display, front and back lamps, audio system with possibility to connect an external device (option), ventilation, heat for feet (option).

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