Infrared cabins are the best choice

Recently the list of the services offered by the spa centers has been completed by the infrared cabins. This invention has a number of advantages. First, you can install them almost anywhere and they consume little power, secondly they exert a beneficial effect on the human`s organism. Soft steam tones up the body, relaxes the muscles and normalizes the blood circulation. Infrared cabins help eliminate cellulite and lose weight, improve your health and facilitate the recovery after invoices or traumas. These cabins are an ideal solution for a hotel or a Spa center. If you think of buying them, contact the specialists of SPA ONE and they will assist you in your choice, delivery and installation and even with the customer service.

Hospitality and wellness professionals rely on the choice of the SPA ONE specialists. They select infrared cabins according to your needs and your possibilities. SPA ONE collaborates only with the best manufacturers and carries a good choice of models and various packs. If your hotel or Spa Center offers a luxury service there is no doubt that you will like the possibility to embed a high-power LED-color light system with integrated sound system and aroma therapy.  The most demanding customers will like the seat and back upholstered and covered with special high-quality synthetic leather and the floor heating lamp integrated in the floor of the cabin.

Despite the simplicity of installation, infrared cabins take some time for its maintenance that’s why SPA ONE offers an annual maintenance fee. The specialists will provide safety and check the good operation of the device. SPA ONE accompanies hospitality and well-being professionals on a choice of the best infrared cabin which corresponds to the quality and adapted to their needs. By contacting SPA ONE you will get detailed information about the infrared cabins and get the complete package of its services. Thanks to SPA ONE, you and your customers will be satisfied.

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