The benefits of the infrared cabin

Therapeutic use of the infrared cabin

Unknown to the general public, and yet frequently practiced by physiotherapy, the infrared treatment acts effectively and immediately on muscle tension or other joint stiffness. These genes of daily life, which are more and more frequent, have their origins in false movements (crumpled muscles), repeated movements, slight injuries in the practice of sport, or simply they are pain related to age.

The virtues of infrared on the body

The virtues of Infrared are multiple. It has been years now that infrared heat is used in medicine and the paramedical field. The benefits of infrared are widely recognized. The infrared sauna is the most practical application. Infrared radiation is a set of rays invisible to the human eye whose color is below the red color in the solar light spectrum.

Infrared and Health

Infrared radiation penetrates the skin and warms muscles and internal organs. Infrared heat causes an increase in heart rate, with a hypothalamic increase, achieving results similar to jogging.

SPA ONE, the specialist in infrared cabins

Faced with this new problem of well-being, SPA ONE naturally positioned itself by proposing to its customers efficient and elegant solutions, through a line of high-quality infrared cabins, therapeutically efficient, and design. refined. Declined for 1, 2 or 3 people, these cabins are easily installed in a compact interior bathroom type, without requiring development work.

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