Have a spa on your boat

SPA ONE is very proud to have accompanied the prestigious AZIMUT shipyard in the implementation of a DIMENSION ONE SPAS spa. If you are a fan of the spa and you think that you will have a hard time getting over all the benefits it can provide, then you have probably already thought of installing one at home. But that may not be enough if you are not only a fan of whirlpools, you are also a lover of the sea. Why not consider a spa installation on your boat ?

A spa on your boat ? An art of which SPA ONE is master !

If the idea of ​​equipping your boat has already crossed your mind, you are in the right place. More and more boats have a spa on board. Their passengers can thus relax in the open sea and amplify the pleasure that is supposed to bring them navigation. The installation of a spa on a boat is special. The feasibility study will have to take into account a number of opposites relating to the size of the boat and its structure. It must indeed that the boat can accommodate and support the spa in terms of space and weight. The spa quality implemented by SPA ONE is designed to withstand very difficult operating conditions. For this purpose, SPA ONE favors the spas of the brand DIMENSION ONE SPAS. If you want to bring a luxury note to your boat, a good idea would be to install the spa on the deck.

Trust spa one

Installing a spa on a boat requires special skills, so turn to competent and experienced professionals. The installation of a spa on a Yacht requires all the know-how of the shipyard in terms of structural constraints. Regarding the prestigious AZIMUT shipyard, the advice provided by SPA ONE on the adaptations made by the shipyard ensure its integration on the yacht.

We will help you choose the spa equipment that best fits your boat, but also help you decide where to install it. Last but not least, we can assist you in the installation work. No worries : SPA ONE has a proven track record when it comes to spa installations on the Côte d’Azur !

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