Velito Sauna

Sauna Tepidarium « Velito »
by Röger Klafs®

Intended for outdoor use.


Sizes and forms
170 x 170 cm.
140 x 210 cm.
170 x 210 cm.
210 x 210 cm.
210 x 230 cm.
230 x 250 cm.

Wood essence
Pin Douglas (outside),
Epicea 1st choice,
Canadian Hemlock,

From 3 Kw to 9 Kw depending on size of the cabin.

Control panel
Electronic control panel with probes and safety probe.

Rock wool compressed in the walls, protected by a vapor barrier film on the inside.
Cleat frame to create an air space with a Pin Douglas outer wall.
Peripheral seal.
Anti-corrosion base.

Integrated chimney air outlet in the thickness of a wall panel.

Straight or L-shaped benches (depending on cabin size), with backrests and headrests (option).
Lifts of bench in abachi.

You dream of moments of relaxation and well-being in a sauna VELITO ?
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Glazed element (made to measure),
Starry sky,
Backlit backrests,
Interior pan ready to tile,
Pack bucket, ladle and set of 3 essences,
Reinforced roof (for the mountain).