Discover the possibilities of our Fitness spas

Spa Fitness: Between spa and pool

The Fitness Spa is a compromise. A kind of hybrid model, a cross between a spa and a small pool. It offers the opportunity to swim, but also for those who do not try the breaststroke or crawl, to practice water biking, some water aerobics, or simply to spend a pleasant moment of relaxation.

Exercise made easy with the Fitness Spa

Designed to work on your flexibility and fitness, our fitness spas allow you to practice a set of physical exercises.

The fitness spa for a smooth recovery

The Fitness Spa promotes smooth recovery after a long period of sports inactivity. The fitness spa allows you to enjoy all the benefits of the pool in a minimum of space. Adjust the power of the jets as you progress to intensify your program. With a Spa Fitness, promote the complete recovery of your body.

Relax with the fitness spa

Fitness spa does not just mean for fitness. It is above all a spa, which allows you to practice a sporting activity. The primary goal is to have a good time, a moment of relaxation.

With the swim spa, you can walk, bike (aquabiking), strengthen, tone your body or simply relax.

The aquabiking: an example of use of the Spa Fitness

The aquabiking is simply the activity of riding a bike (like an exercise bike found in all the gyms) in a swimming pool. The benefits of water are many :

  • The heart beats 10% slower than in the air
  • Fats are burned in priority
  • Destructive action against cellulite
  • Measurable reduction of orange peel

Half an hour of aquabiking equals one hour of « normal » pedaling! What are you waiting for ?

You dream of moments of relaxation and well-being in a spa or a sauna?
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