Oceanus Swim Spa

Swim spa « Oceanus » by
Canadian Spa International®

New model for 2023, this innovative swim spa is part of the new design CANADIAN SPA INTERNATIONAL.

This pool combines a large space for swimming and an overflow with a beach area to allow young kids to safely splash around in hot water. Young adults, enjoy swimming and good times with your family and friends.

Canadian Spa International Oceanus


Places and positions     5 people (2 seats)
Water jets     33 hydrojets
Air jets     8 aérojets
Pumps     4 massage pumps, 1 circulation pump, 1 blower

Dimensions     520 x 235 x 153 cm
Volume     9500 liters
Weight out of water - in water     1500 kg - 11000 kg

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LED chromotherapy 12 Multi color P.H.C.®,
High performance pump technology,
Ozonator FreshWater® O3,
WI-FI® System (iOS, Symbian, Android),
Main control unit BWG®,
Heating Technology - ECONOMY HEATER BWG®,
JETS high performance technology,
Aqua Spa Studio System Automatic Kit,

Air blower - BLOWER CG AIR®,
Unique design THIX-FIX® CS,
ISO+ Floor Access Floor Insulator,
American Aromatherapy SPAZAZZ®,
External thermal insulation ISO PLANK AA++,
Hull Lucite® American acrylic,
Microban® antibacterial protection.