Beluga Swim Spa

Swim spa « Beluga » by
Canadian Spa International®

With a length of 4m80, the swim spa BELUGA gives you the necessary space for a versatile sport practice : swimming, cycling, muscle toning, treadmill, etc …

The relaxation is ensured via 16 hydrojets equipping its 2 ergonomic seats.

Here is your best ally to maintain your shape in a pleasant way.

Canadian Spa International Beluga


Places and positions     5 people
Water jets     35 hydrojets
Air jets     -
Pumps     3 massage pumps, 1 circulation pump, 1 blower

Dimensions     480 x 220 x 134 cm
Volume     5500 liters
Weight out of water - in water     1450 kg - 6950 kg

You dream of moments of relaxation and well-being in a spa BELUGA ?
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LED chromotherapy 12 Multi color P.H.C.®,
High performance pump technology,
Ozonator FreshWater® O3,
WI-FI® System (iOS, Symbian, Android),
Main control unit BWG®,
Heating Technology - ECONOMY HEATER BWG®,
JETS high performance technology,
Aqua Spa Studio System Automatic Kit,

Air blower - BLOWER CG AIR®,
Unique design THIX-FIX® CS,
ISO+ Floor Access Floor Insulator,
American Aromatherapy SPAZAZZ®,
External thermal insulation ISO PLANK AA++,
Hull Lucite® American acrylic,
Microban® antibacterial protection.