Spacious cabins

The HOME sauna collection gives you access to more spacious cabins and more freedom in the terms of their size (adjustment options outside standard size). Its internal cladding, its comfort and the high quality equipment are truly eye-captivating.
Apart from the classic SAUNA features, the options SOFTCLIMAT (soft steam baths) and SANARIUM (five climate zones) will provide you with the authentic relaxation in the purest version of Finnish tradition.

  • Specifications
  • Finishings
  • Equipments


  • Size

    Depth x width :
    120x200 cm, 160x200 cm, 180x200 cm, 200x200 cm, 200x230 cm,
    220x250 cm, 220x260 cm, 220x280 cm, 220x300 cm
    Hauteur :
    206,5 cm

    Opportunities + 10 / -10 cm Depth or Width

  • Shape / Form

    Five-sided plan (available as an option)

  • Insulation

    Compressed mineral wool in the walls, protected from the inside by a steam-proof layer.
    Peripheral water and vapour-proof seal.
    Anti-corrosion base 7 cm high, soaking treatment applied.

  • Ventilation

    Air outlet integrated in a chimney in the wall panel, interior covering: aluminium.


  • Cladding

    Lamp with an anti-glare lampshade
    External cladding on the front and on one side

  • Entry door

    Glass door, width: 70 cm (including the frame).

  • Interior Design

    Straight benches with backrests and head supports.
    Access step: abachi wood.

  • Lighting

    Corner lamp with an anti-glare lampshade.

  • Options

    Glass feature: 60 cm.


  • Dimensions

    Pluris (mural)

  • Form

    Electronic control panel with sensors and safety sensor (max. 4 hours)

  • Isolation

    SaunaPur (5 climate zones)
    Farblicht (chromotherapy on the ceiling)
    Aquaviva (soundscapes)
    Bellaveda (interplay of lights on the wall)
    Starry sky
    Bonatherm and Majus heaters (floor)