The well-being in total conviviality

Two seats next to each other turn this cabin into a special space of wellness and conviviality. As a big sister to the SELECT LINE 1 model, SELECT LINE 2 matches her sibling in the high quality of equipment: its front and back lamps and the renowned system of B-CONTROL DELUXE.

  • Specifications
  • Finishings
  • Equipments


  • Size

    Width: 130 cm Depth: 115 cm Height: 200 cm

  • Electric power

    2250 Watts / 230 Volts

  • Aeration

    Fresh Air System


  • Option Pack
    "For all senses"

    High-power LED-colour light system with integrated sound system and aroma therapy.

  • Option Pack
    "Seating Deluxe"

    The seat and back upholstered and covered with special high-quality synthetic leather

  • Option Pack
    "For cold feets"

    Floor heating lamp (integrated in the floor of the cabin)



    Back and front lamps, ordered individually.
    Adjustable front lamp


    B-CONTROL system with a digital screen:
    - front and back lamps,
    - audio system with the possibility to connect an external device (optional),
    - ventilation,
    - floor heating (optional).

  • Optional Audio System

    Controlled by the control panel.
    Can connect an external device like iPhone , iPod , MP3 player, etc ...