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Spaone Listening to your needs and offering you our advice and expertise in Hydrotherapy

Before you decide on investing in a spa, a hot tub, a sauna or an infrared cabin, defining your needs is essential. The phase of gathering this type of information is crucial for the success of choosing and installing your device. Your spa or your hot tub, will it be used to share a moment of relaxation and conviviality with your friends and family? Do you want:
  • an indoors or an outdoors device ?
  • a spa or a hot tub without the floor level, one that is built-in or the overflow-type device ?
  • a fitness spa, a swim spa or a universal and multi-purpose machine ?
  • a sauna or a tropical bath ?
  • an infrared cabin ?
  • How much space do you have for it?
  • How many people are you going to host?
  • Who will use it: persons with a smaller or a larger figure?

SPA ONE will assist you at every stage of your spa project. Our team will listen to your needs and offer our experience in order to direct you to the best solution with all due clarity.

A free trial session for a good choice

Spas and hot tubs offer a number of benefits for your health. They can serve as an anti-pain and anti-stress treatment, will make you sleep better, will relax your tires muscles, reduce the cellulite and much more. The very term "spa" comes from Latin ("Sanitas Per Aquam") and literally means "health through water" and, as the name suggests, is destined to ensure your well-being. You are hesitating between getting back in good shape through comprehensive hydrotherapy or through intensive fitness treatment? SPA ONE offers you a trial session in our special dedicated space. There, on the spot, in all privacy, you will be able to validate your choice, adjust it to your budget, living conditions and your desires.
Because your satisfaction is always our best reward!



A free Hydrotherapy session

The trial session is an absolute requirement during the purchase of a spa or a hot tub. Once you identify the spa of your dreams, it is filled with water and made available for you to try it at the ideal temperature of 37°C. Our facility features a changing room, we will also provide you with a bath robe and slippers. In privacy, in full discretion and in truly optimal conditions of comfort and hygiene, you will be able to verify:
  • the ergonomics and the comfort of seats,
  • the effectiveness of the anti-float systems,
  • the performance of the water jets in the terms of manual and programmed massages.
Essai To make this moment of relaxation and happiness last, SPA ONE has also created a relaxation lounge. It wraps you like a cocoon of softness and music where you can enjoy the refreshments and the hot drinks served.

Fitness Spa, Aquagym and Coaching

In a desire to answer the growing demand of our clients for the aquagym systems, SPA ONE decided to open aqua fitness spas for trial sessions. The AQUASPORT13 model offers a great quality fitness workout with a large range of movements. You can also try a number of exercises performed when immersed in water: counter-current swimming, aquabike, rowing and many more. What is more: an experienced sports trainer will be at your disposition to guide you through your fitness trial session.

Customer Satisfaction

Apart from the spas and hot tubs, you can also get the infrared cabin and sauna experience, all done in the same conditions of privacy. You are considering a purchase of a spa which is not available in our trial centre but can be found in our showroom? All you have to do it to make an appointment! SPA ONE will invite you outside of working hours for a private trial session.
Don't hesitate to contact us and to give yourself the purest moment of pleasure!



Once you have chosen your product and validated it with a trial session, SPA ONE can now assist you and help you include your device in your existing indoors or landscape.

Listening to your needs and recommendations

In order to make your dream about hydrotherapy come true, we will conduct an in-depth study and make an evaluation.

  • We are always paying attention to your expectations: where will your spa or hot tub be installed? Outdoors or indoors? In a block of flats? On a yacht?
  • We will study the environment and make an on the spot examination in order to gather information on the existing conditions and determine the conditions of installation: ground resistance, water and electricity supplies etc.
  • We will recommend a specific solution for your main device (above the ground construction, a hot tub built in the ground or half-built in, standing or skirted) and the related architectural elements (installations, choice of materials etc.)
  • We will evaluate the complete solution and the assumed budget.
  • We will carry out all the determined arrangements for you.


Our task is to evaluate your chosen wellness equipment according to your expectations.



A safe and personalized delivery

SPA ONE safely delivers the products were you want them: to your villa, your apartment, country house, yacht or to other locations.
The delivery mode of your spa, hot tub, sauna or infrared cabin is determined by the accessibility. In order to ensure the proper delivery, we use the best possible way of transportation and delivery.
Based on the previously conducted study and the technical examination, it can be a truck with a crane and large doors or even a helicopter which will be chosen to transport your wellness device, as it has taken place in our recently realised deliveries.



Installing your advice and the equipment

SPA ONE will install your equipment and make it work, all according to the producer's recommendations allowing us to ensure the optimal use of the devices in the future.

Our technicians will also profit from the privilege of the moment and will explain to you the functioning of your device. They can serve with the information concerning:

  • the bath regulation at your sauna, the maintenance of the shell, massaging jets of your spa or hot tub,
  • the after sales service and device maintenance,
  • the benefits of aromatherapy (essential oils, plants, herbal scents), chromotherapy (the light and colours with therapeutic goals) and more.




Your spas and your hot tubs will require regular care which can sometimes be automatic, depending on a given collection or product. Water treatment and the cleaning of the technical parts play an essential part in ensuring the durability of your device.


 1 - Clear and healthy water

Water quality is ensured by the filtration, the disinfection and the water balance. The water should stay clear, without bacteria and with a neutral PH. We offer a full range of products in water treatment.

2 - Cleaning your spa

The shell of your spa, especially when it is frequently used, and the technical equipment (the cartridges, the filters etc.) require a thorough cleaning. We offer cleaning kits including a net, a brush and cleaning agents.

If your spa is not used during the winter, the water should be (partially or completly) pumped out of the pool. Your wellness device should also be disconnected and hermetically closed awaiting its future use.

SPA ONE can take care of the cleaning, the maintenance, emptying, overwintering and the preparation for a new season of your spa. Get more information from out team by calling: +33 04 89 05 76 20.

3 - Yearly Maintenance Fee

SPA ONE offers also a yearly maintenance service for your spa, hot tub, fitness and swim spa, which includes the check-ups of:

  • the plumbing,
  • electric and electronic components,
  • water and vapour-proofness,
  • the safety,
  • the whole device (water jets, shell, pumps etc.)

The rate includes the labour cost and moving of the device. Replacing the parts in the case when the producer's warranty has expired and the products used will be additionally charged.
In all cases regarding the after sales service, please keep the serial number of your device (can be found on an etiquette in the corner, on the other side of the shell, next to the drain plug).

Producer's Warranties

Producer's warranties issued by DIMENSION ONE SPAS covers the entire set of spa components, parts and labour provided as follows:

  • Ultralife shell: 10 years (Bay, Reflections, @Home) - 5 years (Duratex Fitness)
  • Colour shell: 7 years (Bay, Reflections) - 5 years (@Home)
  • Terracina skirting: 2 years (Bay, Reflections, @Home, Fitness)
  • Envirotect skirting: 5 years (Bay, Reflections) - 2 years (@Home)
  • Plumbing: 5 years (Bay, Reflections) - 2 years (@Home)
  • Equipment: 5 years (Bay, Reflections) - 3 years (Fitness) - 2 years (@Home)
  • Cover: 3 years (Bay, Reflections, @Home, Fitness)

Warranties by KLAFS cover 5 years for saunas and 2 years for heaters and control units. In the case of hammams and infrared cabins, the warranty is given for one year.