• Specifications
  • Finishings
  • Equipments


  • Size

    Depth x width :
    120x200 cm, 170x200 cm, 190x210 cm, 200x220 cm, 210x230 cm,
    220x240 cm, 240x250 cm, 250x250 cm, 220x300 cm
    Hauteur :
    206,5 cm

    Opportunities + 10 / -10 cm Depth or Width

  • Shape / Form

    Five-sided plan (available as an option)

  • Insulation

    Compressed mineral wool in the walls, protected from the inside by a steam-proof layer.
    Peripheral water and vapour-proof seal.
    Anti-corrosion base 7 cm high, soaking treatment applied.

  • Ventilation

    Ventilation channels are integrated in the walls and attached by flexible connectors, which makes it easy to adapt them to an opening in the wall or of a ventilation unit.


  • Cladding

    Hemlock interior paneling
    Spruce paneling first choice outside
    Exterior trim on the front and one side

  • Entry door

    Glass door with wooden frame ( 70cm in width, including frame )
    Opening to the right or left

  • Interior Design

    Curved seat 60cm wide
    Backrests and headrests curved
    Connection between the benches from the 160x200 model
    The upper bench , from the model 200x200cm
    Headrests and ergonomic back support

  • Lighting

    Corner lamps with lampshades anti- glare
    Backlit records

  • Options

    Hemlock paneling outdoors
    Hemlock interior paneling
    60cm glazed element


  • Dimensions

    Pluris (installed in a wall)

  • Form

    Control unit KLAFS 18028: elegant design and aluminium-coloured finishings
    Electronic temperature regulation
    Overheating protection and an automatic security switch (after 4 hours).

  • Isolation

    SoftClimat (mild steam bath)
    SaunaPur (5 climate zones)
    Farblicht (chromotherapy on the ceiling)
    Aquaviva (soundscapes)
    Bellaveda (interplay of lights on the wall)
    Starry sky
    Bonatherm and Majus heaters (floor)